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March 19 2018


Internet is the modern invention of technology which opens the highway of information for all its users. It also called the world wide web which participates in all things even in educational courses and activities though. No doubt internet has become an essential tool for learning. The basic development of the internet started in school when children start teaching at the school. With the passage of time, the internet is improving its technology and providing alternate solutions for every problem.

Accessibility of Information:

The Internet is the easiest access to information for all. Many online courses, lectures of teachers are easily available on the internet.

Students can easily save their teaching materials without any problem. Lots of institutes are also providing online information and courses through videos, audios and in a recorded form. Internet service becomes accessible in all communities.

Enhance Knowledge:

Those students who study in universities, schools, and colleges they can easily review the material with the help of encyclopedia, literature, database and etc. students can also get advanced courses with the guidelines of a teacher without leaving the classroom. It helps to upgrade the knowledge of students.

Online Libraries Trend:

With the help of the internet, the trend of online libraries has become very popular among students. Back in the years when the scope of traditional libraries was at its peak. In online libraries, storage and preservations were very less for physical items but after the comfort and easy access to internet traditional libraries changed in online libraries.

Online libraries have very large space to store data and everything can save easily. There are lots of online learning sites in India and all over the world, which are providing this type of facilities.

Easy to Share:

The internet also allows social sites for socisalising.by using different social sites students can communicate with their peer group and share their notes in written forms by taking photographs. The upswing of admirable learning grades of students is based on internet education.

Advantages of Social Media in Education:

Social media is providing online classes, online lectures, and online syllabus under the supervision of professional teachers and staff. It provides the learning material free of cost. Students are not bound to follow the time limitation to attend the class.  If any lecture and course are missed by the student, then the student does not need to worry student can easily go through the previous learning material.

February 08 2018

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